Saturday, March 24, 2012

Meet the Artists - Lucinda Clutterbuck

I was thrilled when Lucinda Clutterbuck said yes to participating in this show last September.  She was just about to head off to  Toulouse, France, on invitation, to create a show based on some earlier work, Smith
The serendipity of meeting her & discussing Jehanne's Alchemists couldn't be stranger - in A Dutiful Daughter, Barbara Glover appropriates aspects Joan of Arc's life (Barbara calls her Jehanne) and relates it to her own life and thoughts.  In Toulouse, Lucinda told me, everything is Joan - including Jeanne d'Arc metro station and the Jeanne d'Arc car park - all in their own district called Jeanne d'Arc. After speaking with a number of people, it seems that one has to be careful of what is said about Joan in France.  Some very conservative French politicians battled recently over their own appropriation of the image and meaning of Joan on the 600th anniversary of her birth.
Lucinda is a fluent French speaker, studied in France and has had "a thing" about Jeanne d'Arc since she was a child.
As an animator and filmmaker, Lucinda took the opportunity while in France to interview people on camera (including a stage actress who played Jeanne d'Arc) about how they see Joan and discussed appropriation.
While working on her short film, she took time out to create works on paper for the show:


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